Thursday, October 29, 2009

Delay Trees "Soft Construction EP"

Before any notes escaped from this excellent EP, I was struck by how gorgeous the cover art and liner work was. Pictures drawn from old family photo albums show beaming kids ankle deep in the water and young mothers driving their first cars, all assembled in a perfectly faded layout by cAPS LOCK HELSINKI.

The 7 songs that make up the insides of this great packaging are just as wonderful as the shell; ethereal, reverbed dream pop that fits the band's name perfectly. These melancholic songs shimmer with an atmosphere and depth which is more than evident in the opening track "Desert Island Song", and in the straight ahead beat and chiming chords of "Tarantula/Holding on". The spacious instrumental, "Resurrection of Sonic Blue", serves as a fitting closer with its huge, echoing guitars and distant, falsetto backing vocals. The Finnish band has received much praise from the International community on this release and one listen from this strong debut illustrates why.

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