Thursday, October 22, 2009

Line And A Dot - Debut EP

There is an awesome new British female folk artist called Line And A Dot, her debut EP is coming out on a small London based label called "Things To Make and Do".

She has toured NY 3 times, showing dedication indeed. If you had talent to the likes of Line And A Dot you would have dedication too. It's like, girl is going places. Her songs have a shambly jangly huggable sweetness to them, music for people who like nice things.

Her label says she is similar to "Elliot Smith, Alela Diane and Neutral Milk Hotel." but I think that it's a little more like this: strings sometimes as delicate as Final Fantasy's plucking, energy on par with Hallelujah the Hills, vocals to the likes of (Devendra Banhart collaborator) Jana Hunter and a feel that is like holding hands with your favourite gal (or guy).

Check her at, and her video at

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