Saturday, May 1, 2010

Music Recommendation #16: Modes of Resuscitation

Modes of Resuscitation is a quartet which hails from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. One thing that has always amazed me about this band is the variety of sound that they offer up in their songs. “Triggers” for example recalls my good memories for 80’s Manchester bands like The Chameleons and The Sound. “Triggers” also evokes Joy Division in a very odd way, more so instrumentally and not at all vocally. This observation and artistry has been rarely achieved by followers of Joy Division, they usually mess up the song by trying to make their voice sound exactly like Ian Curtis, but to his own credit, lead vocalist Matthew has a distinct voice.

The band describes their sound as “New Wave, post punk, folk, and blues. Thankfully, not all rolled into one, though”. I’d say that statement is quite valid, and makes their music all the more intriguing to the beginning listener. Lyrically, Matthew would fit in quite well with the late great Adrian Borland (of The Sound fame).

Recommended if you like: 80’s Manchester including The Smiths, Joy Division, The Sound, The Chameleons, New Order; Also recommended if you like: Mahogany, Cleemann, Magnetic Fields, High Llamas;

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