Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Recommendation#20: The Big Picture

The Big Picture hails from Beijing China via Stockholm Sweden. It is primarily one member named Mikael Salomonsson, though he receives help from several talented musician friends. He’s been making music under this moniker for about 5 years now, and has successfully held performances in both Sweden and China. Basically a few years ago he had moved to Beijing to further study Chinese and while there he settled with a label which helped him release his music in China and the label also helped him with live performances there too. That label is 1724 records. Mikael’s voice has a great range, best described by me as a style closely evoking late great Elliott Smith.

His self titled known to be debut full length album was released in 2008 in USA and later also released in China. When performing live, The Big Picture has consisted of a revolving cast of musicians including Lina Cullemark (Springfactory) and Peter Gunnarson (SKWBN) among other talented musicians.

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Recommended if you like: Elliott Smith, Springfactory, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Jose Gonzalez, Minakumari, Spiders for Love, Oh Sweet Music!;


SeaEych said...

This is fantastic!! I'm just getting into this music, please post more and more and more. Or not, you know, you're probably busy.

Series Two Records said...

Thanks much for reading,

FYI once upon a time back in earlier part of last decade i hosted a blog that also had weekly recommendations back before the word "blog" was recognized by the english dictionary, and I went idle for some time

But now I'm back and hoping to keep the recommendations going each week and for future years, primarily recommending music that i like of which ironically isn't being talked about much or at all elsewhere,

this makes complete sense to me and no sense to further throw around bands names that tens and hundreds of people are already speaking about all the while there is many talented (many times 'more talented') artists wanting to be 'fairly' heard as well.