Saturday, May 15, 2010

Music Recommendation #18: Broken Folk Transistor

Broken Folk Transistor hails from Collingwood Ontario Canada. I received a package from Ryan including (3) full CDs of music he has made under 3 different monikers. The album that struck my fancy the most is his solo project Broken Folk Transistor. One might think already, three different band names, what does this guy do with his time? Well in Broken Folk Transistor, Ryan conveys his message through 21 songs, and further cements the title of being “prolific”.

Sometimes albums by solo musicians with this quantity of songs, usually achieve quantity over the overall quality of an album, but this piece will certainly be one of the most sublime 20+ song records I’ll probably ever hear. Ryan’s lyrics, vocals and instrumentation qualities surely outmatch the work of several members within many bands. Never having heard of Collingwood before in my life, it’s easy to assume that in obscured areas that most of the time you have to do things yourself, the DIY way, as opposed to exhausting searches for band members. If/when Ryan decides to take a step out of Collingwood, he will surely garner a lot more notoriety for his musical talents.

Heavily recommended if you like early recordings from the following: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Beck, Jesus and Mary Chain;

Check em out here:

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