Saturday, May 8, 2010

Music Recommendation #17: My Autumn Sons

My Autumn Sons hails from Sweden. There are four total members, each of them having significant roles within the band. The vocals of Anna Ödlund could be described as “lush” and evoke Dominique Durand (Ivy), & Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura). The male vocals tend to have a darkness/ borderline gothic sound evoking 80’s Manchester bands.

Overall the songs have a very catchy melodic basis to them, and the vocals/lyrics also take just as strong of a hold within the songs on a regular basis. There are several side projects; one I’d recommend highly is Leonwalls. Among their several videos, I choose to post their video for song “Plain”.

Recommended if you like: Ivy, Camera Obscura, The Chameleons, The Smiths, Joy Division, Peter Bjorn and John, Radio Dept, Adrian Borland;

Check them out here:

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