Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Recommendation #21: The Tinycakes

The Tinycakes hail from Chicago Illinois. The sole member of the band is Jim and he plays guitar and keyboard and also sings. The first time I came across his music was a few years ago, when he had sent me his (2) CD’s along with several lovely homemade comics of which come highly recommended by myself and precious others. His music to me is very simple yet honest and well crafted. Through his own words and he makes his songs for himself, but also for “People to listen to and forget about the bad stuff”, a message that he successfully conveys through humor, honesty and also through his various emotions of which he expresses from song to song.

Vocally he sounds very original to me, but at times his voice can cause cracks of laughter from listeners, especially through his humorous lyrics. In recent years Jim has succeeded in finding more opportunities for himself to perform at various independent live music venues with many of his favorite up and coming artists in Chicago.

His influences include: Jonathan Richman, Tom Waits, Syd Barrett, They Might Be Giants, Robyn Hitchcock and more.

Check him out here:

(9) free and legal downloads available here:


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