Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Incredible Weapons - S/T

Don’t let the slow start to this EP throw you off. It takes 2 songs to arrive at “So Lip Sister” where the record really starts moving. Then it tones back down for the next track, yet this time, their subtle melodies are much more accessible, and you could put this album on at anytime of the day feeling it complemented whatever you were doing.

Incredible Weapons is a healthy release, there aren’t any ‘weak’ songs as such, yet I found they are scratching the surface of a few ‘genres’. They fit somewhere nicely in between indie-pop and folk, however, they try to incorporate several other elements. Although, I feel it necessary to add that some may argue this to be indicative of the band’s wide range of influences.

Note also that the CD’s artwork doesn’t necessarily reflect their sound, not to say that either are bad. But this doesn’t really matter considering this is essentially a ‘demo’ (a sweet one at that). The more you listen, the more you wish that you lived in the same city as Incredible Weapons, and that they played regular shows, so that you could go and see them all the time.

http://myspace.com/incredibleweapons - yep.

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