Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apricot Rail - Pouring Milk Out The Window [Single]

When Apricot Rail play live, you kind of nod your head slowly, well, it’s not really a nod it’s more a progression of their sound. Then when one of their beautiful choruses hits, it is possessive. On my first listen to this single, I felt just like their live shows make me feel, which is a rare quality. They don’t “rock” so much as make you thank yourself that you’re listening to them at any given time.

It’s like walking around in a beautiful forest, looking up at autumn leaves falling, and feeling the delicate promise of rain.

Their debut LP comes out on July 4th, and until then you can get the single for a free download on the Hidden Shoal Records page:
and check out Apricot Rail at: www.myspace.com/apricotrail

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