Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 Out Of 3 Rule "Really Elementary"

2 Out Of 3 Rule band from the United Kingdom has released "Really Elementary" full length album that includes 20 songs. I was quite pleased with the consistency and variety in the recordings.
More can be learned from this release compared to the EP. Given more songs it gives the listener more of a chance to hear more from this band where as most "pop" bands typically stop a full album with around 10 tracks or there abouts.

I am not the best with genres but to me this album is filled with pop songs and also includes a dash of a little rock added to some of the tracks. Maybe i'm wrong. Either way it sounds great. Even though this album is full of great songs since there is 20 it does seem to drag on a bit. It's very evident this band can craft an abundance of great recordings in little time.

There are even bands where i'm content if they can make 8 song recordings over 3 years. With this band 2 Out Of 3 Rule may be setting a new standard for track totals of pop albums ; )
This album is likely one of the most remarkable follow up's to an EP in quite some time especially for pop music.

Check em out here:

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