Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great Dynamo - The Average Genius EPs (2008)

No, not the criminal mastermind who first appeared in Pow Annual 1971, more the German electronic/new wave/indie pop mastermind, Hauke Schmidt. Lo-fi, indie-pop, packaged, jangley… however you want to describe Great Dynamo’s sound – it’s up to you. This release is very ‘home made’, not that it is bad, more that it has loads of heart.

“The trains on your one track mind never run on time” is repeated on the third song which targets presumably one person, followed by “Own This Town” in which Hauke then focuses on a group of “little shits”. Usually I am not one for these type of defamatory type songs, yet in Great Dynamo’s case, I find myself warming to them. Since there is a steady degree of spirit to back it up.

The second half of the 14 songs is a tad more obscure, but in a very pop friendly way, these songs have a way of getting into your head. The beats and lyrics are very attention grabbing, making you listen. Then think about. His respectable and wide range of influences come in to play here, namely Cleaners from Venus and The V.U.

Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) is where Great Dynamo comes from, and Hauke sings in English, which I am all for, especially since his lyrics would be lost on me otherwise. Though his ever changing guitars and back ground orchestration are so intriguing I’d still happily listen if it was all sung in German.

www.myspace.com/greatdynamo experience it for yourself.

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franticworld said...

woohoo. thank you for this beautiful review....

cheers from düsseldorf, gd