Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Artificial Sea – City Island

I am really surprised to be reviewing this, mostly because these guys should be very well known by now, their music is applicable to television. For example they could appear on a medical drama show, a romantic comedy show, or in a number of movie genres.

The easiest comparison for me to draw was The Sneaker Pimps. But they have a little something else, a more soul. Think Sneaker Pimps with a serve of quality folk music for the side dish. Good music for driving around on overcast days, and brooding by yourself.

Track number 5, Vor, was my favourite. Introverted/different/imaginative are 3 words that came to mind in trying to describe this. The music has an Indian/gypsy edge though, very downplayed. I recommend this to people in their Mid 20s all the way through the 30s. It’s very chic and designed, in a positive way.

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