Friday, June 26, 2009

Leo Leoson ep

Leo Leoson has a very interesting voice. In a way it seems like the voice can take over each song for good and for bad. The good parts is that the voice fits the melodies very well and that if he's saying the right words it can make for a very lovely song. His songwriting is good but not quite excellent. There is nothing wrong with that. If he were able to achieve excellence in songwriting which Leo doesn't appear to be far from and if/when he makes it to that point he can only go up.

For now the lyrics to tell you a story but a story that is quite vague. If he goes beyond basic feeling in his songs and gets more descriptive in his songs they may appeal to a much larger legion of fans. On a final note the guitar playing by Leo in some of the songs are so good they can be found irresistible at times.

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