Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Shot Heard 'Round The World - “Ten Songs For Town And Country”

Folk. Psych. Whatever name you want to try to give to Brooklyn's The Shot Heard 'Round The World — it's really just pop at its finest. This album has a virtual orchestra of instruments featured on it — clarinet, violin, piano, trombones — and of course all your required pop instruments, as well.

The album opens with “Lentin,” sounding very folky with guitar and sporadic tambourine. The vocal harmonies really make the second half of this song. The crank the psych-factor up a few notches for “Mtn. Song (for M-- Howell)” and pick the tempo up as well. This track has some great guitar play and some very fun piano work. The piano instrumental, “Time Covered Bridge,” breaks up the album before “Dead on Night” goes all psych on you again with feedback and horns and such. “Evening Prayer” ends the album with a great little jangly pop song before lapsing into something like a drug-induced cowboy trail song.

I think The Shot Heard Round The World are really onto something here. This is definitely a “listen-through” album. I hope to hear more from this band — they deserve to be heard.

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