Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mammoth Life "Kaleidoscopic Art Pop"

Mammoth Life hail from Lawrence, Kansas. They have an interesting pop scene in that college town to say the least. They make an album full of interesting pop songs. Like most Midwesterners due to lack of things to do depending on a variety of factors, many find themselves in need of a good imagination to get you through. Mammoth Life does better than some pop bands at times in the sense that they have a lot of energy spent into creativity and imagination.

The male and female vocals together strangely recall early Eux Autres but with more decency in lyrics and tone. A good share of these songs have noticeable themes to them. For those that pay great attention to detail you will discover those themes : )
The male vocals come out in a Ben Gibbard like way but to me the vocals are delivered to the listener in a more tolerable manner. Recently the band has put together a 7 inch release and will set out for a Midwest tour this month.

Check em out here:

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