Sunday, February 8, 2009

the Benvereens

Sounds like a more kind, gentle and heartfelt version of Ryan Adams. Whether they are influenced by Ryan Adams i really don't know. But i know this for sure they come across as sounding a heck of a lot better lyrically and musically than most of the bands that are influenced by Ryan Adams. The first track "I'll Be Good" starts off so smoothly. And the transition from the first song to the second song "Red Red" is just perfect. The vocalist also reminds me quite a bit of recent Wilco songs.

With this self released album I am very content with the instrumentation overall. It would possibly help if they added more different instruments in there such as the one's most commonly used in Bluegrass bands. It would only add more excitement and interest to these already well written songs. Again with the lyricist. He has such talent that if he wanted to he could write about any topic that has a common interest amongst the people and produce very listenable music in many different genres.

Their Myspace is here

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