Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Felix Wickman "Dry Hands"

Felix Wickman comes across with a very very nice sound. What caught me at first was the melodies. They reminded me slightly of the UK band named the Engineers. As the record plays
I soon notice his voice evokes that another UK artist "the late great" Matthew Jay. The arrangements in these songs are very high quality and it's something you would expect to come from some very well known music producer.

As you go even further on this disc you hear a bit of an influence possibly derived from early Ryan Adams or early Jesse Malin. Clearly the 4th song "Dead Ends" appears to be the best. What I like about it most in this particular song is the guitars. The guitars oddly remind me of how Autolux would play them live and can also remind a person partially of guitars from My Bloody Valentine records. In his lyrics they could possibly stir controversy or draw a person's attention for they are very catchy, very revealing and attention seeking.

Ian Curtis or Adrian Borland would write lyrics that evoke this style and at the time not many people thought twice about what was really in those words and people start thinking a lot more after they had come to pass. Felix Wickman is clearly no Beck but if one thing is for sure this is a very interesting record and the fact the styles change in such a positive manner it is what adds to the experience in listening to this record. So few artists today make a record with this many positive style changes going on throughout.

Check out Felix Wickman and find out more about his "Dry Hands" EP here

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