Friday, February 6, 2009


I should begin by stating my affinity for Asian indie-pop, Asia’s proximity to Australia leads me to view the Asian race as my friends. While the cultural differences are rather vast, the reality is; an Asian singing voice complements most leisurely musical stylings.

I did a google search to come across any information about this release, but I couldn’t. I assume this is a demo, which isn’t surprising due to the DIY look of it. All I could find on their myspace was some quotes and that they were from “Seoul, Korea/Tokyo, Japan”… There isn’t exactly a linear pattern for these songs, though they do have binding elements. Nevertheless:

The only excuse you have for not wanting to hear Bloom-Creation is that if you are deaf. This is one of the best bands I’ve heard over the past couple of years. It is a crying shame that they aren’t more widely respected and/or cited as one of the best bands around at the moment.

This demo reaches both ends of the spectrum; it isn’t hand-in-your-shirt-pocket-old-school-indie-pop. It’s as though they’ve changed the meaning of indie-pop. To such a degree that some might argue this label, mentioning the dark psychedelic side, but, like, whatever. Sometimes loud and sometimes soft, and always abnormal, it’s like they harnessed the weird aspects of Human Host’s 2004 Invisible Arteries and matched it with an atmospheric awareness as though a post-rock band had a go at making indie-pop. (it's a must)

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