Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oliver North Boy Choir RIP

As said by the band in a recent e-mail that was received...
"Well, as some of you already know, it's the end of Oliver North Boy Choir. Camilla and Mikkel broke up last October, and since then it's become increasingly hard to find the time to record (well, with jobs, studies, children and whatnot). But we part on friendly terms, and we can guarantee that all band members will keep on playing music, just in new constellations.

And hey, it ain't all that bad, we've attached our last song :-). It's a synth version of our final single "Blackmail" and it won't be included on our forthcoming compilation, so it's sort of an exclusive. Btw, the compilation "Shameless Pop Songs 2008" will be out on Sunday the 22nd, and if you feel like buying it, we will love you even more than we do now :-). And take care, y'all!

Love, hugs, kisses / ONBC."

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