Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HC-B Group - Soundtrack for a Missing Movie

In a very precise manner: these guys rock. I thought they rocked from the beginning, then after several listens to the album, I went on their MySpace and found they’d signed to Hidden Shoal Recordings, who operate out of Perth (where I live) in Western Australia. In fact a band that a couple of friends of mine are in are affiliated with Hidden Shoal; needless to say it is a respectable label. Soundcheck For A Missing Movie is a newly recorded work and is yet to be released, the name of the album made me think of Cinematic Orchestra.

The CD’s opening track, sounds akin to something that would be on the Fight Club soundtrack; if the Dust Brothers weren’t in control. Maybe not so much Fight Club, but like, any good movie in which someone has a crashing realisation. Crashing being the operative word. They have seemingly random vocal recordings underneath their songs, much like Godspeed do, though HC-B make it work better. Especially when coupled with their guitars, which have very similar elements to those of A Northern Chorus.

Make no mistake; this is instrumental post-rock with attention grabbing orchestral construction. There’s a sweet guitar bit in track 5 (sorry there were no available track names for this release) that made me think “yes, yes, yes, this rocks” but in a heads-down manner. Then track 6 complemented 5 by having a beautiful introduction, turning into a beloved post-rock number full of decided stalls, accompanied by plenty of crescendos. The music goes hand in hand with the energy of the promise of rain in the air on an overcast day .

www.myspace.com/hcbgroup HC-B really are something special.

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