Thursday, February 12, 2009

Werewolf Police - Ruin My Night LP

The artwork on this LP is some of the [independently done] best that I’ve come across. There are numerous tweaks, a couple of tilted boxes, slight colour changes, and a font that is subtle and different from most Sans-Serifs that appear on independent releases. Note that they maintain cred with the text stamped on the physical disc (smartly done), and the ‘Arial’ black on white information print-out (as pictured above).

Now, onto the important stuff: I’ve listened to this release numerous times. Cruising past the first two songs is relatively easy, the 3rd song Talking To Walls; is money. It should have been the first song, with the sweetest intro; comparable to a Born Ruffians guitar arrangement. The difference is, unlike Ruffians, Werewolf Police don’t have the “fashionable band” onus that BR do, which leaves Werewolf Police to make delightful indie-pop for everyone to enjoy (even your mother). The LP chills out on the last few tracks, in a collected manner.

The vocals are pale against the guitars, but this works (which isn’t a surprise, but is always welcome) in Werewolf Police’s favour, though the problem with this is that the vocals often get overlooked. The influence Guided By Voices have had on Tynan Cooney’s singing are apparent, yet not oppressive, come to think of it, I’d recommend Werewolf Police to GBV fans who are looking for something slightly softer.

Ruin My Night is as though you were just chilling out eating a strawberry sundae. First you wait at the counter and buy it, then you take it to your table, and get into the sauce, and it’s sweet. You have a good sauce to ice cream ratio. Then toward the end of it, you are happy, but there’s still more ice cream in there so you keep going, it’s chilled and you’re content. ☺

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