Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Her Vanished Grace

Her Vanished Grace are a wonderful noise pop band from New York, and this is a review of there 2009 release 'Blue'.

The bands myspace page describes there sound as that of “the wind as you careen down a hill with the engine shut off in the quiet moonlight”, I don't know if this is how they really think they sound or if they are just having fun with there myspace page, but, I do like to think that this sums up the bands sound in a very indirect, abstract manner.

Want a more specific description? Sure...Dark, dreamy, pop....These are three words you could, and I would, use to describe Her Vanished Grace. Swirling/shimmering/sweeping guitars, lush vocals and and sonic textures all add up to create Her Vanished Grace's sound, and it is pretty darn cool if I don't say so myself, urgent, epic and crushingly beautiful at times. The melancholy of The Cure but with more of a pop sensibility (whatever that means).



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