Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Little Pony "Think Too Much"

My Little Pony hails from Norway. The album "Think Too Much" is full of lovely pop songs. Some of them to me sound like maybe they were dreams made into songs. The way the lyrics come along the title of the album seems to fit each song and also the story lines also fit that mold. Out of the records in my own collection the only thing that comes close to this would be Teitur's "Poetry and Aeroplanes" album. Also the vocals recall Wayne Coyne at times and also some of the early Neil Young.

I've always wished there was more pop bands like this in Norway. Other places in Scandinavia especially Sweden has an over abundance of great pop bands. Norway's pop scene is small yet cheerful but in need of much more. It's very likely though i have far greater expectations of Norway's pop scene because Sweden is such a hot bed for great indie pop bands and in large numbers. I am still happy though that the great small land has produced such artists as Matias Tellez, Princess Niko, Sondre Lerche, King Of Convenience, and other notables.

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