Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Myracle Brah - Can You Hear the Myracle Brah LP

Myracle Brah is a dude called Andy Bopp, from Baltimore.
Remember that friend you had in high-school who had a really chilled and cool big brother, now imagine this dude was in a psyched-out power pop band. This is about the best description I can give for Myracle Brah, that and they are signed to Rainbow Quartz.

Rainbow Quartz is madly underrated, The Parties (the 2nd last album I reviewed) are on this label. A visit to their website showed me how many sweet acts they have signed. Bands that you know and/or will love are on Rainbow Quartz.

On the introductory listen there are some uneasy qualities apparent in the combination of psych and pop. But once you familiarise yourself with Myracle Brah, those things once uneasy become interesting facets in the blending. I found numerous times that I was unaware of how much atmosphere Myracle Brah pack into their songs, they sound realised and mature which is no surprise considering Myracle Brah’s large back catalogue.

The vocal harmonies apparent on this LP (courtesy of Chad Hopkins and Caitlin Bopp) are in line with a power-pop ideal, and the guitars make for the psych element. But it’s how the two are put together that make Myracle Brah different, the structure of the songs are bordering on the abstract, yet are very intelligent.



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