Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pharmacy Spirits - Every Song Ended in 94 EP

The title of this EP Every Song Ended in 94 got my attention, I kind of wanted to know why. It has that figurative fuzzy glow that songs made ages ago have, more just to do with a mindset as opposed to recording capability. Oh, and it’s on a CD-R that looks like a vinyl ☺

The guitars on the first 2 songs are similar to The Clean’s earlier releases, and seeing as one of their members was once in an acoustic Joy Division cover band, the influence is there. Mostly in the sterile drumming that features on the first track. The bass in “Excuse Me Lady” is the kind that you want to rock your head back and forth in rhythm with, very catchy kind.

The vibe changes on track 3, moving to pent up energy in the vocals and screams, the music speeds up as does the vocal emphasis, there are some great hooks in this, and there is a barren feeling behind the guitars, which is generated by a haunted bass.

The 4th song, “American Roulette” follows on nicely, in the same manner as the previous, then there is 11 one minute intervals of silence, before a 5th, or 16th songs starts, they had been waiting for the first four tracks to bring this to light where they balance bass and energy. Personally I prefer the first two songs, though it is all very good. Everyone loves a hidden track, especially on a sweet EP.


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