Friday, March 13, 2009

The Parties - Can't Come Down

You know how most music sounds better when you’re driving fast in beautiful surroundings? It took this to make me realize just how good The Parties are. They are mod psych, they make you want to experience life more than just listening to MP3’s on your computer.

Titled “Can’t Come Down” and complemented by it’s typography, this LP is the main course, you won’t need an entrée or dessert. It starts off kindly, in a dreamy manner, soothing vocals, sweet sweet guitars, then groove bass with a snare. “Love For Sale” could lead you to expect a more pop-ish album than this really is. But don’t be deterred, this is for fans of second psych era bands like The Beavis Frond and Les Fleur De Lys, in the vocal and guitar correlation.

Lovey isn’t so much a verb as an adjective when used in reference to this LP, not in a love songs manner, but an appreciative one – you love this, it heightens your appreciation for non-peak hour traffic, and the lyrics are honest to love and break-ups. Though general romance is common, this is more the other side of romance, instead of addressing it, focusing on the space around it.

The Parties are a magnificent example of psych surviving all the way into the late naughties, highly recommendable and applicable to everyone. This is an LP to revisit, many times over.

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luther said...

thanks for the kind words on the record.
drums-vox-the parties!