Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scarlet Youth - Breaking The Patterns

Scarlet youth is a 5-piece band reigning from the frozen realm of Finland. They are an alternative shoegaze band. They really put those effects pedals to work here. The sights and sounds they potentially experience in the pristine stillness of a cold Finnish night is produced in their music. Breaking The Patterns is eerily atmospheric at times and yet retains a sense of serenity. If I lived in Finland, I know I would try to join this band. There is a darkened sense of hope emanating from their sound. There are just 6 songs on this album, but they're really more than just 6 songs. The album starts of dreary and atmospheric and by the end, turns eerie and upbeat. Overall, this CD is nicely polished and provides the listener with a dreamscape for the ears, while still being awake. It's like, "Hey, am I dreaming? What's going on?" and then you realize you're still awake and that this beautiful noise isn't just a part of your imagination. The echoing voices, the clear drumming and bass playing, and the symphony of guitar sounds create a very unique journey. The Scarlet Youth are for me and you.

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