Sunday, March 1, 2009


What is so interesting about this band is their main songwriter Henrik Svedlund used to jam out with Rickard who ended up forming Robert Church and the Holy Community.
Chimneyheart makes some mean good pop songs. Chimneyheart draws their influence from Henry Chinaski, Charles Bukowski, Syd Barret, Joy Division, John Frusciante, Van Raveschot, Daniel Johnston, The Cure and others. It would have been interesting if anything ever came of Rickard and Henrik's jam sessions. Cos if they were both in a band together this day it would sure be something to look out for. I am very content though with Henrik's contributions to Chimneyheart. For me I feel really awkward saying this but they remind me of the hip bands from the UK that people fuss about at the festivals and such.

check out Chimneyheart and find out more about their 4 song ep on their myspace:

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