Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leonard Kage - Time EP

Leonard Kage is the type of sweet stuff I try to fit on a mix-tape to give to my girlfriend. I say sweet because it is enjoyable on two levels, turn it down it’s soothing, then turn it up and there is a good degree of energy, through the combination of electric and acoustic guitars.

Now I haven’t checked this, but I can imagine the understated energy apparent in these songs has been referred to as “Kaged” energy, by many a sassy indie critic. I disagree; but downplayed, yes. Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden is where he lists as his location, which really threw me off. This is not stereotypical indie-pop. His voice is like the indie-pop version of Thom Yorke’s, if Thom Yorke was a pleasant and romantic fellow.

Lay Me Down/The Colours, the third track of the EP involves some slow dreamy guitars that are beautifully suited to morning time. Almost like an alarm that you love, instead of curse. This is followed by is a 20 second long track named “Pause”. This is unexpectedly a positive, as it makes you appreciate the previous song and then leads in to the final track in which the vocals sound slightly different but complements the EP’s progression.

"Time EP" was a promo released in the summer of 2008, consisting of five songs. This spring a full length CD full of new material will be released on ‘Feels Like Home Records’ an American label.

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