Saturday, August 15, 2009

French Woods “The TV Outlaws EP”

This is a side project from Rickard (Robert Church) based in Sweden. It is very rad and fundamentally different in style by far compared to Robert Church. I am glad to be hearing this CD. It reminds me quite a bit of the feeling I get when I am hearing Jazz music. The songs are very interesting as the experimental aspect doesn’t take hold and ruin them.

It’s very possible that some of these song(s) were improvisations and there is nothing wrong if that holds to be true. A very similar artist I must note would be Jaga Jazzist. Most of the tunes from this EP would work well for many bands as backing music. As I have referred to before sometimes people wished certain songs didn’t have vocals on them because the music sounded so much better and the vocals maybe sound a little crap. Here is maybe one of the best examples of great music minus the vocals around today.

Check em out here:

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