Thursday, August 13, 2009

WALK "Cave Man Game" ep

WALK are based in LA, California. The sounds they do make are very interesting. Among their many proudly listed influences one name sticks out for me. That name being Elliott Smith. The vocals by this band most closely resemble Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart) and strangely the backing music sounds like something Elliott Smith would have done in his albums from Figure 8 to prior.

In Elliott Smith songs it was common that he would do all the instruments in most of his songs while for this band WALK they have four members putting together all of the sounds. The whole recording sounds as if the band members share a lot of common interest in influence and playing abilities. Which is rare for a band these days. This ep sounds relatively good aside from the recording being relatively lo-fi and also the vocals being a little hard to hear at times.

check em out here:


Absolute Brizzlerie said...

sounds cool :) ill check them out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review!