Saturday, August 15, 2009

Minakumari “Rasa”

Also known as “Mina” she comes from Japan. She makes very soft songs that make you want to “chill” and she cites her inspiration as being from Indian classical music & Bossa Nova among other things. The backing music gives me the same feeling as lets say Kings Of Convenience’s “Quiet is the new loud” album although there is a little more instrumental variety I am hearing from Mina. The voices she makes are just as memorable as those that appear on albums such as “Frengers” by Mew.

There is nothing “scary” about Mina although some of her songs have an eerie vibe to them as would songs from classic Nick Drake albums or Elliott Smith’s “Figure 8”. Her music is described as being “calm, sweet, & relaxing” and I’d say that is valid. A perfect album to sleep on, rest on, and to play to others especially children and female friends ;)

Artists such as Minakumari bring up an argument rarely touched that is Japan is an ever growing pop scene with some very strong sounding and very appealing artists that ears from around the world need to hear and experience for them selves. Go check her music out now.

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