Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Meat Riot by Marsh Branch

Marsh Branch rocks. Her album, The Meat Riot, is fast-paced, driven, and fueled by sweet-ass distorted guitars. The Meat Riot was completely written, arranged, and played by the ever-so-lovely Marsh Branch. I can just see myself watching her jamming out in a house show somewhere, just getting the crowd going. I really find the strong point of The Meat Riot is the distorted electric guitar work she does in this. The electricity flowing from the songs is really fun. I mean, what else could be as fun as rambunctious rock music? She sings with anger and emotion. She sings with a point to prove. She sings to sing, sing, sing. The past couple of CD’s I have reviewed where solo attempts at music. To hear such fueled work makes me happy that music even exists. Marsh Branch must have felt a sense of completion when finishing this album. Finishing an album is one of the better feelings in the world. When you can look at something you’ve just created, by yourself, wow, what’s better? I know Marsh Branch felt this. You can tell she was full of determination in creating this album; it definitely shows. Great job Marsh Branch, great job.

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