Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reefy Seadragon by Dog Age

I find it very fitting that these Norwegians have titled their CD “Reefy Seadragon.” The title just emanates Norse Myth. This CD is far from being about Norse myth however. In addition, you don’t find too much alternative-pop music to be about such topics; those topics are left to the creators of death, black, and progressive metal. This is not metal. This is pop. When I popped this CD in, I was automatically reminded of those old shows on TV, back in the day, where people would dress up in huge, untimely costumes where they would be parading all over the screen in the show. I can see the little children running around getting extremely overzealous about the arrival of such costumed creatures. Anyways, Dog Age are a good band. I don’t have music like this on my iPod. I am hard to please with music such as this; it’s cheery, happy, old-school, and poppy. I feel as if Dog Age would have been a band in the 60’s and 70’s. Not my era of tastes, but these guys do a great job. Tracks 4 (God Lives Under The River), 8 (When I Was A Young Boy), 9 (Mystical George), and 11 (Tea, And A Wife) are my favorite tracks on “Reefy Seadragon.” These songs are superb. With each listen, I grow more aware and appreciative of how complete these songs are. There are moments of solitude which grow and grow until there is sound, sound, sound, coming at you. The keyboard work in these songs adds another dimension to these songs and contributes greatly. It’s the little things that make a huge difference, and Dog Age sees that. There are Les Claypool-like guitar riffs and songs that remind me of Of Montreal, with “Tea, And A Wife” producing that sound most reminiscent. Another song worth mention is track 3, “The Puppeteer.” It’s a nice instrumental song to lull you into calmness and coolness, generating an ambient feel. All in all, they have a very solid sound. Throughout most of “Reefy Seadragon”, Dog Age reminds me of a toned down Dungen, who, I believe, are also from Norway. Those Norwegians know what they are doing with music!

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jay strange said...

i love dog age...have done from the start...great band...all there albums are of this class and they have a new album of in a few weeks time.....if you like them you should check out the pillbugs......oh i did the cover art for reefy by the way.....heres my old bucketfull interview with dog age if your interested