Friday, August 21, 2009

Sugarspun – Moon Candy

Moon Candy, an EP from Sugarspun, a quartet from San Francisco, is every bit as sweet and enticing as the band's candy coated name. Harmonies abound, hazy vocals that sweep through thick, layered guitars. Pop writing is in full force, with influences melded – as if they were cooked in an oven – into a shiny new whole. One can hear bands from Teenage Fanclub to the Jesus and Mary Chain, the only link a good hook and a love of song craft. It’s that perfect blend between feedback and more comfortable sounds.

The EP starts out with chimes and lyrics about a rocket being built for the singer, before winding up into a soft punch of catchiness. This whimsy continues throughout the charming EP and the songs evidence a similar sense of build. Boys and girls trade vocals for a sense of at times, jubilant bounciness and at times a real sadness, such as in the song “Absence.” They remind me a little of Papas Fritas, vocals traded and despite the sadness, a sense of fun in music is never lost.

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